Minion Costumes

You will notice in the app Despicable Me: Minion Rush that there are multiple different minion costumes, each of them has unique abilities that will help you progress through certain levels.  Be sure to take the time to read a description of what each of the costumes for the different minions will do as some minions need to be used for particular levels to pass.  As always please check out the home page for the v3 minion rush cheats tool that can help you get all the costumes for every minion completely free.  Below is the list of the current costumes available for the app minion rush and a description of each.

Minion Costumes:

Classic – Standard minion outfit that you start the game with.

Referee – Mega Minion lasts 5 seconds longer then normal.

Baby – Increases your score multiplier by a level of 1.

Worker – 10% increase on all bananas collected in every race.

Mom – Power-Ups like the freeze ray, banana splitter, banana vacuum and minion shield last 5 seconds longer.

Dad – Every 1st revive in the race is free.

Ninja – Multiply your despicable score by 6 levels.

Magician – 400% increase in every race on all bananas you collect.


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